Atuabo Freeport

Atuabo Free Port has been designed to be a fully integrated oil and gas logistics and industrial hub Meeting the requirements of the oil and gas industry undertaking exploration, development and maintenance activities in the the Gulf of Guinea. The Free Port will be operational in 2016.

Atuabo Free Port will provide:

  • World Class facilities to support the oil and gas industry.
  • A new center of excellence for the West African oil and gas industry.
  • Accommodation, office and warehouse space to suit customer’s needs and specifications
  • Cargoes stored on the dock or in secure warehouses.
  • Technical industry expertise and skills in Ghana supporting the regional industry
  • Duty exempt environment to allow efficient and cost effective transshipment of goods, equipment and materials

The Atuabo Free Port corporate social responsibility values, guides the company across our business operations and investment decisions. They are:

  • Investing in our workforce and their wellbeing – Human resources is our key asset. Atuabo Free Port Ltd ensure that staff can enjoy their work in a safe and secure environment, are treated equally and fairly and have opportunities for enhancing their skills through training. Our policy is to employ from within whenever possible, encouraging those who work at Atuabo Free Port to develop a career path within the company.
  • Supporting communities – Atuabo Free Port recognizes the importance of establishing and maintaining good relations with the communities surrounding our operations. Our focus is on education projects that deliver lasting benefits to the local communities and enable Ghanaians to become better qualified.
  • Conducting our business with integrity – Atuabo Free Port is committed to high standards of ethical behavior. Atuabo Free Port's Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy follows and is focused on meeting obligations in the UK Bribery Act 2011.
  • Supporting the local economy – Where possible Atuabo Free port source goods and services from local firms, thus improving the overall positive impact our operations can have on development in Ghana.
  • Protecting the environment – Atuabo Free Port operations impact on the environment is different ways. Accordingly Atuabo Free Port reviews its impacts and seeks ways to avoid, minimize or mitigate these impacts, while following the company's Environment Policy.