Business Linkage Programme (BLP)

Date: 31/07/2015

Do you want to win new business or export to new markets?

  • Do you want to gain international accreditation?
  • Do you want affordable finance?
  • Register for the Business Linkage Programme to access business training and international mentorship worth $30,000

What is the Business Linkage Programme (BLP)?

Launching on August 31st 2015, The Business Linkage Programme is a $4m training and one-to-one mentorship programme tailored for Ghanaian Businesses.

Delivered by IIA and the AfDB’s SME division FAPA, the BLP is a two and a half year programme focused on supporting 120 SMEs from all sectors to:

  • Deliver goods and services to time, quality and scale
  • Win new business and export to new markets
  • Meet international standards
  • Access finance

What makes the BLP unique?

Participating SMEs on the training programme will have the opportunity to:

  1. Work with global consultants and industry experts to develop tailored plans to build on their business strengths and embed systems to overcome their weaknesses.
  2. Receive advice and support from internationally experienced mentors.
  3. Attend best practise workshops on how to implement governance policies, access finance, win tenders.
  4. Showcase their new business skills, goods and services on the African Partner Pool to win new business.

How do I apply for this training programme?

The BLP is only open to SMEs on the APP. To improve your chances of winning a place on the BLP applicants must:

  1. Join the APP as a local supplier
  2. Complete their profile, demonstrating efforts to be transparent and embed governance standards.
  3. Register your interest by contacting [email protected]