What is Invest in Africa?

Invest in Africa (IIA) is a not-for-profit organisation with the vision to create prospering African economies. Together with its partners of leading companies, IIA does three main things:

  1. Connects multinationals and larger businesses to credible local suppliers (SMEs);
  2. Improves these SMEs access to skills, contracts and finance to build long term capacity; and
  3. Helps improve the investment climate and quality of policy discussions in the country.

We believe the challenges of doing business in Africa cannot be solved by one company or one sector alone. But by pooling resources and sharing knowledge, IIA leverages existing and new opportunities to drive long-term growth across African economies.

Our Initiatives

IIA is focused on job creation and improving the business environment for both investors and local SMEs. Our priority is to increase the linkages between large international and domestic companies and smaller local business and increase access to skills, markets and finance.

  1. The African Partner Pool (APP) is IIA’s 'Access to Markets' pillar. The APP is an online marketplace that allows SMEs to promote the products and services they can deliver and the standards they can deliver to. This makes it easier for big companies to find the right local suppliers to work with.
  2. The Business Linkage Programme (BLP) is IIA's 'Access to Skills' pillar. This programme, part-funded by the African Development Bank, gives members of the APP training and coaching to raise their standards, improve governance and drive competitiveness.
  3. SME FinancingIIA’s ‘Access to Finance’ pillar plays a crucial role in helping APP registered SMEs put in place the necessary structures that will make them less risky and bankable for banks to advance loans to them. So far, approximately US$1million of credit has been disbursed to SMEs through IIA’s banking partners.

Our Partners

IIA was launched in 2012 and has since partnered with leading private and public companies across sectors, including:

Global Partners




Our Partners work with IIA across all our countries of operation. They define the strategic direction of IIA and have decision-making authority on the IIA Board.

IIA also have a number of Local Partners that help us deliver our initiatives in our specific countries of operation.

Where we work

IIA has offices in the UK, Ghana and Kenya. The APP was launched in Ghana in late 2014, while the BLP began training with the first group of SMEs in September 2015.

IIA Kenya opened in October 2015 with plans to launch the APP and BLP initiatives later on in 2016.