UT Bank

UT BankUT Bank Ghana Ltd has evolved from a small lending institution into one of Ghana’s most successful banks. They provide a great example of how companies can develop through working and engaging with local communities and businesses.

Employing over 600 staff in 26 branches nationwide, UT Bank is one of the fastest growing indigenous banks in Ghana and is at the heart of the country’s workforce. The Bank has positioned itself as a lending bank that seeks to redefine banking in Ghana through efficient and respectful delivery of service.

UT Bank does not only provide the fastest and most professional credit service in Ghana, having won numerous national awards in recent years, including being the most respected bank and having the country’s most respected CEO (per PWC’s peer review awards) thanks to the companies engagement with local SMEs. It is also committed to supporting the local communities that it works within. Its core values of Integrity, Professionalism and Respect guide the company’s various programmes that seek to have a meaningful impact on peoples' lives.