IIA Kenya to Launch African Partner Pool

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Ministry of Power and Invest in Africa poised to increase local content

Ministry of power and Invest in Africa poised to increase local content and local participation in power industry.

Attend: The BCA Annual Debate - 22 March

IIA partner, The Business Council for Africa’s flagship event, The Annual Debate returns in March for its third edition. It has established itself as an important platform for everyone interested in and committed to African business.

IIA Wins Award as Best in Business Promotion and Consultancy

Invest In Africa has been adjudged the "Best Company in Business Promotion and Consultancy" at the 5th Association of Ghana Industries Awards.

IIA's Big Anti-Bribery Debate

On December 6th, Invest in Africa joined forces with Global Partner Clyde & Co to debate the motion:

“This house believes that international anti-bribery & corruption legislation has reduced the ability of local African companies to compete for business opportunities.”

Grow your business through the Business Linkage Programme

Enjoy business transformation & leadership support for over 2 years and embed new systems to access new market and finance for growth.

IIA receives a host of award nominations

IIA has been highly commended and nominated for multiple awards including the Africa Business Awards, the British Expertise Awards, the 5th AGI Ghana Industry Awards & the MCA Consulting Awards in the categories of Outstanding Development Project and Innovation.

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